Kitchen Renovations

We will help you create and deliver your dream kitchen. Your remodeling ideas turned into your dream kitchen. We budget and plan remodel costs. Kitchen cabinets design and construction.

Bathroom Renovations

Our talented Houston bathroom remodeling team can transform your outdated bathroom into your dream spa. Water will do more damage in a very short time if your bathroom is not remodeled correctly. Let our bathroom remodeling contractors team do it correct the first time.

Commercial Renovation

Houston general contractors are a dime a dozen. The question comes down to do they truly care about your project or is it just an address. Our commercial construction company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality construction projects.

Residential Renovation

Alquimia is one of the top residential construction companies in Houston. Our home renovation team truly love what they do. We take pride in asking the right questions up front. We start with qualified architects and engineers to design and create your foundation to build on.

New Construction

Finding the best new construction contractor is not easy. Our construction team is packed with experts who are personally motivated to deliver beautiful homes that are healthy and are build around the lifestyle that you want to live.

High Rise Renovation

Living in a high-rise and taking on a high rise renovation project requires a special contractor. Alquimia Inc is your full-service high-rise remodeling company in Houston. Our passionate team of architects and engineers will transform your high-rise into a luxurious space that is comfortable and healthy.

Our Creation Story

Alquimia Inc was founded September 9, 2002

Our company was created because at the time we were helping a friend build their first dream home.

We met with the builder and the architect to review the plans.  Everyone was happy and a contract was signed.  Once construction started, it became very clear that what the vision was on the plans, and what was being constructed was very different.  

The builder cut every single corner they could cut in order to save money.  In the end, it was not about the money it was about integrity and the quality of the product being delivered.   My friend did not know or understand all the construction language nor did they know what to look for on a Jobsite.  She did understand finishes and the final esthetics.  

We solve the problems of designing and building projects that will stand the test of time.  We reference history and follow modern building science methodologies.

Products and Partners

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Our Creation Story

What We Do and How We Do It

Hi, we’re Alquimia Inc. Our construction team is located in Houston, Texas and we provide construction services. We’re really fond of design + building + lifestyle and are really passionate about determination, perseverance, strong leadership and creativity.

Our Brand Is

More serious than funny
More formal than casual
Extremely Respectable
Very Enthusiastic
  • " Alquimia was the perfect company for my project. They listened attentively to my ideas, advised me correctly, and offered great input and design ideas as well. The work was done quickly and is of the highest quality. The absolute go-to for any project."

    Shawn P

    Shawn P

    Commercial Construciton Client
  • " The owner of Alquima Inc takes service and professionalism to a new level. Thorough explanation and walkthrough of the projects process and challenges while offering time and cost-saving alternatives. I would highly recommend this company for simple remodels to complex ground-up construction. "

    Bradly P

    Bradly P

    General Contractor