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Performing to a higher standard in all aspects of commercial construction, including New construction, Interior and Exterior Renovations, and Additions for all types of commercial institutions.

Tri-Point has completed projects in the Houston area varying in all sizes in cost and scope.

The project types include but are not limited to New construction of Industrial Warehouse Development. Multiple Funeral Home renovations and funeral facilities throughout Texas for The largest Funeral home corporation in this country.

Multiple high-end commercial kitchen renovations for Sodexo Corporation in high rises throughout the Houston area. Complete interior renovation of one of Houston’s oldest shopping malls. High-End condominium renovations and construction. Renovation of several Boys and Girls clubs in Houston and Galveston. Maintenance contract with Union Pacific RR to renovate and perform commercial maintenance on their commercial buildings and facilities throughout Texas.

Through our commitment and performance to our clients, Tri-Point has become a contractor of choice by many major corporations in the private sector.

It is because of these relationships founded on the quality projects we have delivered that Tri-Point continues to grow at a rapid pace annually.


We provide professional services in the Commercial markets.

Our diversification and willingness to meet our clients' needs make us a perfect choice for most general contracting projects here local in Houston, elsewhere in the state of Texas, and other states as well.

Our success is measured by result

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  • " if you give the customer what you have committed and the services you have provided shows quality workmanship, they will be happy-- and more work will develop. "

    Bobby Daniel

    Bobby Daniel