Municipal Building Construction
Parks Construction and Park Repairs
Interior and Exterior Renovations
Municipal Facilities Construction
Maintenance and Upgrades
Right of Way Improvements

Your solution for Municipal Construction Service

Performing to a higher standard in all aspects of Municipal construction, including New construction, Parks Construction, and Park repairs, Interior and Exterior Renovations, and Addition for all types of Municipal institutions.

Tri-Point has completed projects in Houston and the surrounding areas varying in all sizes in cost and scope.

Tri-Point has earned the trust of the Municipalities in this area by delivering quality projects on budget and on schedule. Some of the Municipalities Tri-Point has worked for recently are as follows: the City of Houston, City of Texas City, City of Galveston, City of Sugarland, City of Huntsville, City of Hunters Creek.

Tri-Point has worked hand in hand with the architects and city officials on these projects ensuring the projects are delivered per the agreed-upon design, cost and schedule.

Through our commitment and performance to our clients and its citizens, Tri-Point has become a contractor of choice by many major Municipalities in the public sector.

It is because of these relationships founded on the quality projects we have delivered that Tri-Point continues to grow at a rapid pace annually.


Our success is measured by result

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