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Asset Search for Comprehensive Financial Investigations

Global Security and Investigative Services is a trusted private investigator and security services provider. Our locally owned and operated company in Houston, Texas, is fully licensed and insured, with a dedicated team of professionals passionate about delivering quality results.

An asset search is essential in various scenarios, such as divorce proceedings, judgment collections, or general financial investigations. At Global Security and Investigative Services, we offer comprehensive asset search services to help you uncover potential hidden assets.

Our asset search specialists exhaust all available resources to ensure thorough investigations. We utilize a range of techniques and databases to identify various assets, including but not limited to:

  1. Bank Account Search: Explore account information and activities to reveal undisclosed financial assets.
  2. Bankruptcy Filings: Identify any bankruptcy filings that may indicate financial distress or attempts to conceal assets.
  3. Brokerage/Investment Search: Uncover brokerage and investment accounts to assess financial holdings comprehensively.
  4. Corporate and Business Affiliations: Investigate corporate and business affiliations to reveal potential hidden assets and connections.
  5. Employment Search: Verify employment history to assess income sources and potential financial assets.
  6. Liens and Judgments: Check for liens and judgments that may impact financial standing and asset ownership.
  7. Nationwide Bank Search: Conduct a comprehensive search across national banks to uncover undisclosed financial accounts.
  8. Real and Personal Properties Owned: Identify real estate properties, vehicles, and other personal assets owned by individuals or entities.
  9. UCC Filings: Investigate UCC filings to identify secured transactions and potential hidden assets.
  10. Vehicle Registrations: Discover vehicle registrations to uncover potential undisclosed assets.

Asset searches require expertise and meticulous attention to detail. At Global Security and Investigative Services, our specialists possess the necessary skills to locate assets where others may fail. If you require an asset search, rely on our experts to provide efficient and timely results.

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