TheBibleChallenge.com is a ministry of Bible Study Media, Inc.—a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida founded by The Rev. Charlie Holt. Fr. Holt is now the Associate Rector of Teaching and Formation at the Church of St. John the Divine in Houston, TX.

The mission of Bible Study Media, Inc. is to foster a Biblically-literate church in North America through the production of engaging, faithful and accessible Christian teaching resources for the Church and individuals.


Resources that captivate the imagination and encourage transformational life change.


Teachings must remain within the mainstream of creedal Christianity with a high view of the authority and relevance of the Bible as God’s word.


Bible Study Media will use all of the best media technologies, tools and practices in order to create resources that can be readily incorporated into the daily life of the individual Christian and corporate community of the Church.

The Heart of the Christian
Life is rooted in Three
Redemptive Acts.

Through them, Jesus enables and
equips followers to carry His love
and forgiveness into the world.
The Christian Life Trilogy is a
20-week Bible study curriculum
that is divided into 3 studies:


Old Testament Study Guide

New Testament Study Guide

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