The Bible Challenge is currently recording teachings to correspond with
the Bible Challenge Readings and give an overview of the Bible. Check
back often to receive the latest installment of the Bible Study Guide.

The Study of the Old Testament

This weekly Bible Study Guide contains a
downloadable study guide and an audio
lecture on each week’s readings in the Old
Testament. The lessons run about 30-40
minutes in length.

The Study of the New Testament

The weekly Bible study guide focuses on
going deeper in the New Testament readings
of the Bible Challenge. There is a
downloadable study guide and audio lecture
(1hr in length).

The primary teacher for the Bible Study Guide is The Rev. Charlie Holt when
he was teaching at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lake Mary, FL. He now
serves as Associate Rector of Teaching and Formation at St. John the Divine in
Houston, TX. Charlie is the author of over four books including the Christian
Life Trilogy and Draw Near: Hebrews on Christian Worship.

The Heart of the Christian
Life is rooted in Three
Redemptive Acts.

Through them, Jesus enables and
equips followers to carry His love
and forgiveness into the world.
The Christian Life Trilogy is a
20-week Bible study curriculum
that is divided into 3 studies:


Old Testament Study Guide

New Testament Study Guide

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