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Bug Sweeps


Bug Sweeps for Personal and Business Security

Global Security and Investigative Services is your premier security and investigative firm, locally owned and operated in Houston, Texas. Our elite team of experts possesses the training, experience, and skills required to deliver first-class quality services. We offer bug-sweeping services, also known as electronic eavesdropping inspection, to protect your residential and commercial properties.

Living in a digital age leaves us vulnerable to corporate espionage and invasion of privacy. Global Security and Investigative Services can provide you with the peace of mind and security you deserve. Our bug-sweeping services utilize sophisticated equipment to identify and disable hidden cameras, tapped phones, and listening devices. Whether you suspect your home or business is compromised, our electronic surveillance detection specialists will conduct thorough sweeps to safeguard your personal safety and business security.


If you suspect unauthorized surveillance or feel uneasy about your surroundings, trust Global Security and Investigative Services to confirm your suspicions and provide the necessary protection. Contact our specialists today for reliable and effective bug-sweeping services.



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The company is located in Houston, Texas but services the entire State of Texas.