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Guard Services

Security guards are carefully chosen based on their experience, aptitude, skill, professionalism, and mannerisms.



They are an elite group comprising law enforcement professionals and military veterans.

Our in-house professional training program covers all areas required by state law plus additional subject areas to ensure that our highly trained staff can provide the safety and security you want for those who depend on you.

All Global Security officers are licensed and undergo complete background checks, including criminal records, fingerprints, and drug testing. Our security guards are trained to work with the latest security technology to ensure your facility receives the service it needs at a budget-friendly cost.


Global Security security guards and patrol service agents can be in plain clothes to fit in (corporate or formal attire) or wear customized uniforms according to your specifications.

When assigning guards to your facility, we carefully consider all of your requirements so we can select officers that would work well within your organization’s culture.

We strive for the right fit the first time so our clients can benefit from the continuity of security personnel. If the people in your organization speak languages other than English, we will select guards who speak your language.

Aside from English, we have employees who speak Spanish and other languages.Although our turnover rate is among the industry’s lowest, we have highly trained officers on standby in the event of an absence or emergency, and our management will do whatever is required to ensure that we continuously meet or exceed our clients’ security needs.

We conduct detailed risk assessments to determine how best to mitigate security threats and establish a security plan to help your organization function optimally within a secure environment.

Our use of cutting-edge technology means that your security needs are being taken care of and our officers are being closely managed. If your facility requires patrol cars, we can provide them, customized as needed. We will do whatever is necessary to provide security solutions to protect your people and property.

Our licensed, professional security guards provide highly trained manpower, which, combined with cutting-edge technology, produces the best security for:

  1. Commercial and Office Buildings
  2. Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses
  3. Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  4. Gated Communities
  5. Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
  6. Religious Institutions and other not for Profit Organizations
  7. Special Events
  8. Construction Sites
  9. Shopping Centers and Retail Stores
  10. Embassies and Consulates
  11. Hotels and Motels
  12. Financial Institutions

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The company is located in Houston, Texas but services the entire State of Texas.