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Ziad Allan
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Badr Anebari
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We Are Hiring!
We Are Hiring!
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What Makes Our Coaches Special

ZSA coaches have a more unique perspective on how to teach and how to interact with kids as most of its coaches have coaching experiences at a K12 school.

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Coaches Boys and Girls

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Our coaches are truly passionate about what they do

Our goal is to open up the pool and all kids from all walks of life and financial backgrounds come to our facility to have fun playing soccer.

ZSA caters to the youth players between 5-15 years olds, whose parents want a hands-off but family-focused atmosphere where their child can have fun but learn the game of soccer in a shorter length of time.

Ages 10 + will focus more on the youth players that want to compete at the highest levels of soccer leading to a more focused approach on the player’s goal of achieving the next level.

Technologies we use:

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Our coaches are truly passionate about what they do!

We aim to provide soccer players with a positive, challenging and enjoyable learning environment with an emphasis on developing individuals that can excel as both players and members of the community.

Enthusiastic, player-centered coaching that facilitates and enhances player development without neglecting weaknesses through a holistic, individualized approach.


Player Physical Preparation

ZSA coaches know each player and they are trained in the ability to develop a player’s physical capacity in a safe and controlled manner.

  • This can improve physiological fitness.
  • As well as reduce the risk of injury.
  • Coaches understand the importance of considering the needs of players at different physiological stages and ages.


Player Physiological Fitness Development

In developing players we must build the ‘foundation’ first slowly and with impeccable quality

  • There is NO Fast Track!!
  • Building a strong foundation post-puberty lays the cornerstones for a physique that will last a career


Our coaching staff is educated on the type of injuries which occur in soccer for all age groups.  They are trained on how to prepare players to prevent injuries on the field

  • Common Injuries Growing Player
  • Common Injuries Developed player
  • Concussion


Warm-Up & Flexibility

Coaches will perform warm-up and flexibility exercises before each training session and each game. 

  • The use of flexibility training and stretching
  • The benefits of an appropriate warm-up
  • Warm-Up Match Day
  • Warm-Up Training


Speed & Agility

The importance of speed and agility in modern football. Drills will focus on the following skills. During matches players rarely sprint in a straight line at top speed.

  • Repeated high-speed efforts that include many changes of direction are performed.
  • Individual Player Speed
  • Speed & Agility Training that focuses on balance, coordination,  and multi-directional speed
  • All Year Round speed development is linked to strength development.


  • Speed Training in EVERY warm-up!


Energy Systems

Our coaching staff understands the energy systems which are used by youth players. We evaluate and train on the type of movements that players complete in a match. Then we focus on how long an average player spends in possession of the ball and how to improve that short period of time on the ball.  Each coach will evaluate

  • Training Considerations for each age group
  • Aerobic Training
  • Anaerobic Training


Strength & Power

  • The use of strength and power by football players on the pitch


Nutrition & Wellbeing

  • The need for football players to understand how nutrition and wellbeing can impact performance