Play Games

We allow our kids to spend the marjority of the time on the training field playing games.

Enthusiastic Coaching Style

Our coaching method is based on role model style. Players feed off of our enthusiasim.

Maximize Activity

We avoid lines and keep the ball and the kids moving. This in turn mazimizes touches on the ball.

Positive Feedback

Praise builds confidence adn encourages learning in players. We will correct when needed.

Variety of Activities

Our coaches plan and deliver different activities for each session they coach.

Our Goals and Challenges

As a club we set our own goals. We help set goals for each of players so they can succeed.


We Use Both Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Effective communication skills are a must for everyone on the field

Our coaching staff provides clear instructions.  We do not overload our players with too much instruction and information.

We use Age-appropriate terminology with our players. Coaches focus on terminology that the players understand and respond to for their age.

Each drill starts with a visual demonstration of what is expected from each player.

Listening to players and parents is a skill that we have refined. It is a pivotal part of non-verbal communication skills.


Ziad Soccer Academy is Dedicated to Building Relationships

Our philosophy is that effective relationships build better soccer players.

We know the names of each and every player in our club. Players are more likely to engage and respond to coaches they know and like.

Ziad Soccer Club coaches develop relationships of trust with their players.  Players feel free to come to coached and share their thoughts and opinions.

We have a two-way trust relationship between our coaches and players. This respectful relationship is what creates a safe learning environment.

Patients are a virtue!  ZSA coaches are trained to learn and develop patients are with players, referees, other coaches, and parents.

We teach and encourage the development of the whole person.  We feel strongly that soccer will help our kids become better people in our community.


The Development of Game Knowledge is Key

It is our goal to inspire each player to further develop their knowledge of the game of soccer

ZSA coaches are the perfect environment for players and parents to learn the world’s most popular sport. To develop an understanding of the rules and how it is played.

Players will play in a variety of positions and formations in order to learn game formates for their age and stage in development.

Our coaches work hard to create game-related training sessions.  Our safe environment allows players to make decisions that relate to games on Saturday.

ZSA uses conditioned games to emphasize specific aspects of the game.


Our Goal is to Inspire Creativity with All of Our Players

We will let our players play.  We want to win but we understand that maximizing game time will help all players grow. We do not want to overcoach them.

ZSA encourages players to see their mistakes and learn their mistakes and turn them into opportunities.

Coaches recognize that all players develop, learn and perform at different levels.  It is our philosophy to explore and discover different techniques to help in player development.

Most important is that ZSA is a positive learning environment.  We coach with praise and good work.  We will correct when wrong but praise leads to a positive learning environment.